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Spotlight Press Release

Setec Investigations was featured on Larry Mantle's radio program, AirTalk, on 89.3 KPCC-FM, a public radio news station. In this particular segment of AirTalk, which aired on December 12, 2006, Evan Carter, a Senior Information Security & Computer Forensic specialist with Setec Investigations, was asked to discuss the security breach of a UCLA computer database. UCLA disclosed that this particular database, which contained sensitive information for over 800,000 students and faculty members, including social security numbers, had suffered from a security breach that began in October, 2005 and was not mitigated until November 21, 2006. Evan Carter participated in a discussion with the show's host regarding possible scenarios in which the UCLA computer database may have been broken into, the types of hackers that could have been responsible for committing this security breach, and the ramifications that could arise as a result of such a security breach.

For more information regarding the UCLA security breach and to listen to Evan Carter's interview on AirTalk, please click here.

About Setec Investigations:

Setec Investigations is a subsidiary of Setec Security, a leading independent provider of vendor neutral information security solutions, incorporating a cross-disciplinary team comprised of computer forensic investigators, attorneys, law enforcement specialists, and seasoned business professionals offering unparalleled expertise in computer forensics and enterprise investigations. Setec Investigations combines today's most advanced computer forensics and litigation support expertise to provide intelligent, effective, and forensically sound computer investigative and litigation support solutions that carefully balance critical investigative requirements with vital legal and evidentiary needs.


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