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Corporate Partnerships

Partnership Overview
Setec Investigations provides a dynamic partner program for businesses that offer support or professional services to law firms, legal departments, and corporations wherein the collection and production of electronic evidence is critical.

By leveraging our comprehensive solution offerings, our partners expand their existing portfolio of services, while earning a referral fee for each engagement Setec Investigations performs for your clients.

Why Partner With Setec Investigations
Our commitment to benefiting our partners' businesses is evident in the following aspects:
  • Our diverse array of services and capabilities directly support attorneys, legal professionals, and organizations in the location, analysis, and compilation of electronic evidence and enhance the benefits of leveraging it
  • Our partners are not required to meet any quotas or pay any fees for their continued participation in our partnership program
  • Our diverse staff of legal and technical professionals are ready to assist our partners' clients in reaching the most ideal and economical solutions
  • Our methodologies and processes are utilized to support criminal and civil litigations and can be quickly and effectively applied to projects of any size
  • Our parent company, Setec Security, is an information security company, therefore, we follow extremely strict chain of custody procedures, utilize industry leading equipment, and safeguard all sensitive data with the highest levels of physical and information security
  • Our partners benefit from our many years of experience in the discovery, collection, investigation, and production of electronic evidence
Application Request
To receive detailed information regarding the benefits, terms, and conditions of Setec Investigations' corporate partnership program, please email partners@setecinvestigations.com and a representative will provide you will all appropriate information.

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