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Preservation Letter Template: Client's Obligation for Data Preservation

Regarding: Data Preservation — [Legal Matter]

Dear [Name],

This letter is to notify you that electronic information residing within the technology infrastructure and information assets of [Company Name] may contain evidence critical to the aforementioned legal matter. You are hereby advised that your direct assistance is required to ensure that electronic information is safeguarded and preserved, facilitating upcoming investigative and discovery procedures.

The aforementioned legal matter necessitates that electronic information within computer systems, removable electronic media, and other electronic devices owned and/or operated on behalf of [Company Name] in the performance of [Business Process] be entirely preserved. Sources of electronic information that must be preserved may include, but are not limited to, electronic documents, email and electronic correspondence, images and graphics, deleted files, spreadsheets, databases, system usage logs, Internet history and cache files, as well as enterprise user information, such as contact lists and calendars.

Failure to obey this letter and take all reasonable steps towards preserving electronic information will damage aforementioned legal matter and result in severe penalties against you and [Company Name].

Please direct all questions or concerns to [Representative Name].

Thank you for your attention in this matter.



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