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electronic discovery
Checklist of Sources for Electronic Evidence

As electronic evidence may reside in numerous different locations throughout an organization's technology infrastructure, it is important to ensure that all possibly relevant sources for electronic information are identified. The following is a sample list of common sources for electronic evidence:

Electronic Information
  • Servers
  • Mainframes
  • Network file systems
  • Workstations
  • Laptop Computers
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
  • Personal home computers

Backup Media

  • Monthly system-wide backups
  • Weekly system-wide backups
  • Incremental system-wide backups
  • Unscheduled backups
  • Personal backups

Additional Media Devices

  • CD-ROMs
  • DVDs
  • Floppy diskettes
  • Zip disks
  • Tape archives
  • Removable hard drives


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