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computer forensic investigation
Computer Forensic Investigations

Combining the science of computer forensics with our tailored approach and best-practices methodology, Setec Investigations provides focused, synchronized, and meaningful electronic evidence.

Setec Investigations seamlessly integrates a sophisticated understanding of today's legal procedures, utilizing advanced computer hardware and software tools, certified forensic analysts, and litigation support specialists. Electronic evidence is identified, isolated, analyzed, and framed so that it may be efficiently reviewed and utilized by an organization and its legal counsel.

Each computer forensic investigation produces a sound analytical foundation that carefully balances critical investigative requirements with vital legal and evidentiary needs through:
  • Thorough and experienced forensic engineers who provide the most useful evidence and recreate vital events
  • Advanced data recovery services that can reveal data that is believed to have been deleted
  • Individualized forensic analysis to provide customized assistance for each specific case
  • Industry leading mirror imaging technology to preserve the integrity of the evidence
  • Industry standard chain of custody processes for all evidence
  • Comprehensive technical consulting to assist in the framing of documents, assist with motion practices, and to generate a proactive electronic document management policy
  • Professional testimony and reporting to provide expert knowledge for arbitrators, judges, and juries
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