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Why Choose Setec Investigations

Setec Investigations combines today's most advanced computer forensics and litigation support expertise with a business- and legal-friendly approach, resulting in a sound analytical foundation that carefully balances critical investigative requirements with vital legal and evidentiary needs. Here's how it is achieved:

Unmatched Experience
Since being founded in 1997, Setec Investigations has achieved a proven record of success. Setec Investigations has participated in and successfully completed a diverse array of corporate investigations and directly supported a wide range of criminal and civil litigations for law firms, Fortune 2000 companies, financial institutions, and government agencies across North America, who continue to trust us with their most challenging and critical investigative needs.

Unparalleled Expertise
Setec Investigations' elite cross-disciplinary team is comprised of computer forensic investigators, attorneys, law enforcement specialists, and seasoned business professionals who possess the technical expertise, understanding of the legal system, and specialized tools and processes that enables the expert discovery, collection, investigation, and production of electronic information for investigating and handling computer-related crimes or misuse.

Proven Methodology
Setec Investigations' approach is based on a structured and practical adherence to industry accepted best-practices, United States Department of Justice methodologies, and strict legal guidelines designed to recover, analyze, and present electronic information in a way that is useable as evidence in a court of law. It considers the nature of computer forensics in terms of definitions, objectives, and priorities to facilitate and provide a comprehensive solution.

Specific Technology
Possessing the most extensive technical and legal resources available, Setec Investigations utilizes an expansive network of investigators and combines proprietary and industry leading investigation tools, technologies, and techniques to scale investigations to meet precise needs.

Legal Consulting
Veteran legal consultants create a framework that effectively and efficiently integrates sophisticated technology, relentless and clever investigative processes, and rigorous evidentiary procedures to align case strategies with electronic evidence and directly support litigations.

Robust Capacity
Maintaining offices and forensic laboratories strategically positioned throughout North America, Setec Investigations is committed to providing intelligent, effective, and forensically sound computer investigative and litigation support solutions, facilitating a wide spectrum of engagements.

Dynamic Security
Formal internal security procedures and processes are employed to maintain tight controls over all forensic analysts and forensic laboratory technicians. Strict chain of custody procedures are mandated, with only industry leading equipment utilized to ensure that no data is lost or equipment damaged during the data collection or analysis process.


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