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Litigation Support

Setec Investigations' litigation support team is built upon an exceptional blend of expertise in technology, forensic investigative processes, and law and litigation strategies. As well-versed in the intricacies of litigation as they are in technology, these experts offer a single-source solution for litigation support.

Setec Investigations' litigation support solutions are provided by legal consultants and attorneys who possess extensive experience and knowledge of the forensic process. This level of expertise aids legal professionals in recovering and submitting credible, admissible evidence to a Court of Law, while avoiding expensive mistakes and reducing the cost of electronic discovery.

Working with legal professionals, Setec Investigations addresses the precise issues involved in each unique litigation and translates them into a strong case strategy that effectively utilizes electronic evidence by:
  • Ascertaining the relevance of electronic data as a legitimate part of the discovery of a given matter
  • Identifying the most cost-effective means for responding to electronic discovery requirements
  • Designing a strategic discovery roadmap and supporting the creation of deposition notices, interrogatories, and requests for production
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